Cheek and Jowl Lifts

Turn back time by lifting sagging cheeks and jowls

Cheek and Jowl Lifts

Turn back time by lifting sagging cheeks and jowls


Treatments take 45-60 minutes.

Cheek & Jowl Lift $2949.


Results are immediate, minimal downtime, lasting 6-12 months.

Cheek and Jowl Thread Lift Injections

Cheek and jowl thread lifts are the quintessential non-surgical facelift case studies. Providing effective tightening and lifting for large portions of the face, cheek and jowl threadlifts are the perfect option before committing to a more expensive and invasive surgical facelift. The cheek or jowl lift both involve placing barbed PDO threads under the skin and physically lifting the tissue up, against gravity, to sit higher. The effect is similar to a face lift, without the surgical component.

Generally cheek and jowl thread lifts will show immediate results, reaching their peak at 3 months, and lasting 6-12 months, making it an economical and effective choice.

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The Matronly Jowls

Unlike a sagging neck which can be covered with scarves and high collars, the jowls and cheeks are constantly in plain site. As we age, they seem to sag and reshape the face entirely into a matronly, almost masculine one.

So how do you lift sagging jowls?
There are options for treating sagging jowls, or reducing how droopy they look. The most intensive and longest lasting would be surgical procedures like neck lifts and facelifts. However these invasive surgeries come with a high price tag, inherent risks associated with general anaesthetic and major surgery, extended down time, and being a non-reversable procedure, it’s permanent.

On the other hand, a barbed thread lift is an effective non-surgical treatment for sagging jowls. It is a fraction of the price, lasts 6-12 months, is reversible if need be, has limited down time and only requires local anaesthetic.

Cheek and Jowl Thread Lift Pricing

Cheek and Jowl Thread Lift $2949

The cheek and jowl lift is an alternative to a surgical lift; the nasolabial folds and jowl lines are softened.

Foxy Brow Thread Lift $1499

The foxy brow lift gives a youthful appearance by straightening and lifting the angle of the brow, thereby correcting a tell tale sign of aging.

Neck Thread Lift $2949

The non-surgical neck lift is an effective and affordable alternative to a surgical neck lift.

Mono Threads Package from $810

Mono thread lifts are effective at lifting and rejuvenating the face, neck, breasts and buttocks.
60 threads $13.5 each
120 threads $12.5 each
200 threads $11.5 each

Real People, Real Results

Here are some before and after pictures of non-surgical face lifts taken at our Medical Injectables clinics in Wollongong and Orange, NSW.

Each of these patients had barbed threads inserted to lift major portions of the face: cheeks and/or jowls. The “after” photos were taken immediately following the treatment and you can already see some results, including some improvement of the nasolabial fold area.

Typically cheek and jowl threadlifts will reach their maximal effect at 3 months and last for 6-12 months.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We only use premium, Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) listed anti-wrinkle injectables and included with every procedure is a complimentary results review appointment.

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Dr. Django Nathan has been practicing cosmetics for five years while working while working in general medicine in rural hospitals and clinics.

Together with his studies in bio-nanotechnology and his interest in helping patients become their best selves, Dr. Nathan has a unique perspective and experience in cosmetic injectables which has lead him to found Medical Injectables in Wollongong and Orange, NSW.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does the thread lift last?

    A thread lift will generally last from 6 to 12 months.

    What is the best age to have a face thread lift?

    It varies by person based on needs, however our thread lift patients are usually in his or her late thirties to early fifties. Typically patients over the age of about 65 will benefit more profoundly from facelift surgery. However, thread lifts are an excellent alternative to a facelift for older patients who are unable to have surgery for medical reasons.

    How much does a thread lift cost in Australia?

    A mono thread treatment can cost as little as $800 while barbed thread lifts can cost $4000 or more.

    Are thread lifts worth it?

    Thread lifting is excellent value for money due to the longevity of the procedure. Typically the effects of threads last 2 years (mono threads) or 6-12 months (barbed threads).

    Can you get filler after a thread lift?

    Yes. Dermal filler is safe to use before or after a thread lift, although many doctors prefer to have a 2 week window either side of the procedure so that any swelling and anatomical changed have resolved. This makes it easier to assess the face in the planning phase.

    How often can you have PDO threads?

    Compared to other injectable cosmetic treatments, thread lifts stand out for their long-lasting results so it is usually 18-24 months before another is inserted. For comparison of other cosmetic injectables like botulinum toxin injections, and some dermal fillers, generally offer results that last 3-6 months.