About Us

Anti-ageing cosmetic injectables

About Us

Anti-ageing cosmetic injectables

Our Vision

To create beauty in life as the premium institution for the administration of the world’s most imaginative and effective molecules and techniques.


Our Mission

Medicine is incredibly powerful at increasing lifespan and improving the quality of lives we live. It will always be a part of who I am; a healer dedicated to ameliorating the suffering I encounter in the world.

However, there is one unique area of medicine that is not only concerned with making the “sick” -> “well”. Aesthetic and cosmetic medicine is concerned with making the “well” -> “extraordinary”.

That’s an imaginative, exciting, and bold proposition.

That’s more than just healing. That’s creating, transforming and evolving.

The idea of using science, medicine and technology to be more, is enticing and seductive. The concept itself compels us to ask questions; what is beauty? Why is something or someone beautiful? Is a beautiful life a good life?

Medical Injectables is here to administer the revolution of aesthetic molecular technology to those who are bold enough to ask, “How can I live a more beautiful life?”  And are not afraid of the answer.

Dr Django Nathan of Medical Injectables, piercing light green eyes, dark features.
The handsome Dr Django Nathan consulting with a lovely young lady with long hair at Medical Injecatbles in Wollongong and Orange, NSW

Why Orange?

Simple: my mother and one of my sisters live in Orange. And when I was a medical student I did my general practice placement in Orange, so not only did I get to know the community (and found everyone to be lovely) but a relationship with the local general practice was natural.

I love the people in Orange, the practice, the area, and I have the opportunity to see my mother whenever I am in town.


Why Wollongong?

My little sister moved to Wollongong, so it’s good to be able to work near her in order to see her regularly. It’s also very close to where I am working as the Generalist registrar in Bundeena on Fridays and Saturdays. Mario and Eliza, the owners of the local Wollongong GP practice, are a fantastic and professional couple who I enjoy meeting with and catching up with.

Wollongong itself is beautiful, and my clients in Wollongong are wonderful and good people who are a pleasure to treat.

The handsome Dr Django Nathan escorts a lovely young lady with long hair to the door of the consulting room t Medical Injecatbles in Wollongong and Orange, NSW