Chin Sculpting

Dissolve your double chin with chin sculpting injectables

Chin Sculpting

Dissolve your double chin with chin sculpting injectables


Chin sculpting treatments take 30 minutes.

Chin fat dissolving injections from $998.


Noticeable improvements in 30 days, with minimal downtime.

Fat Dissolving Chin Injections

Fast and effective, chin sculpting injections target the fat deposits under your chin to dissolve fat cells. Once the fat cells under your chin are eliminated, fat can no longer reside there. 

Chin sculpting sessions take as little as 30 minutes. Typically, 2 treatments are required for optimal results spaced out 6 weeks apart.

What Causes Double Chins?

Double chins are caused by the accumulation of fat beneath the jawline. This comes with ageing, genetics or the result of a lack of exercise and a poor diet. Once in place, the fat stretches the skin and is hard to remove. This is where chin fat dissolving injections come in!

Spaced 6 weeks apart, these chin sculpting injection sessions will help rid you of these fatty deposits and give you a leaner chin and a more youthful appearance.

After the procedure clients can return to work, but must avoid streneous activity for a few days. Bruising may be present for a few weeks.

Chin Sculpting Injections

Chin Sculpting Injection - $998 Per Session

Simple, effective and permanent fat dissolving injection.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We only use premium, Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) listed anti-wrinkle injectables and included with every procedure is a complimentary results review appointment.

Is Chin Sculpting Right for Me?

Each person’s beauty aspirations are different and  results will vary. If you are interested in chin sculpting to create a stronger or more masculine look, our cosmetic injectables can help without the need for invasive surgery.  Find out if it’s right for you by filling out our contact form.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the difference between chin sculpting and jaw sculpting?

    Unlike chin sculpting injections which target and dissolve the fatty deposits underneath the chin, jaw sculpting treatments rely on anti-wrinkle injections into the masseter muscles, the two chewing muscles on the jaw located below the ears.

    Is chin sculpting permanent?

    Yes. The fat cells under the chin are dissolved and gone for good. Retreatments won’t likely be needed, although a single maintenance injection could be in order 4 or 5 years after the initial treatments.

    What do you use to reduce chin fat in order to sculpt the chin?

    The treatment in the submental fat pad is dissolution of the fat with a molecule called deoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid is the same molecule secreted by the gall bladder to dissolve fat that we eat. We inject it directly into the fat cells and they dissolve. The process involves 10 to 20 injections into the submental fat pad.

    Do chin sculpting treatments hurt?

    We inject deoxycholic acid directly into the fat cells of the submental fat pad and they dissolve. As they dissolve, all the cell contents are released and this causes immediate inflammation, swelling and pain. The pain is a deep burning sensation and lasts for 1-2 weeks. But the results last.

    Is chin sculpting worth it?

    Chin sculpting by dissolving the fat cells under the chin is a painful but long lasting solution. It may take 3 sessions to reach all the fat cells, but once treated, the fat cells are completely destroyed. The short term pain provides a long lasting result, making it worth it for many of our clients.

    How many chin sculpting sessions do I need?

    It takes about 20 minutes to perform the procedure per session. Typically 3 sessions, each 1 month apart are needed. Each session is $998.

    Once its done its done; the fat cells don’t grow back. If there is alot of fat there, we are unlikely to get all of it but we can make a significant improvement.