Injectable beauty treatments in Wollongong & Orange

High quality, professional cosmetic treatments at affordable prices

Injectable beauty treatments in Wollongong & Orange

High quality, professional cosmetic treatments at affordable prices


Forehead Lines

Forehead lines can make you look older and more weary than you are. They are caused by overactivity of the frontalis muscle (the primary muscle of the forehead). Overtime, with repeated muscle movement, deep horizontal forehead lines can form. As the forehead makes up a substantial part of the face, treatments to smooth this area can make a dramatic difference to facial aesthetics.

Frown Lines

Frown lines occur above the nose between the eyebrows, and can often cause you to appear displeased or aggressive, thus having a subtle impact on how others react to you. Frown lines are caused by overactivity of the glabellar muscle group (including corrugator supercilii, procerus, depressor supercilii, which are collectively known as the “glabellar complex”). Extensive use of these muscles can lead to the formation of deep lines in this area. Being between the eyes – the focus of the face – treatments to smooth  frown lines can make a dramatic difference to your appearance.

Brow Lift

A key aspect of a facelift is in raising the brow, but facelifts are not only a drastic surgical solution, they are also permanent and costly. By choosing a non-surgical solution to lift your brows like injectables offered by Medical Injectables in Wollongong and Orange, you can achieve a similar effect to a facelift that opens the eyes and reduces wrinkles caused by ageing. 

Crows Feet

For some people crows’ feet are a badge of honour with age; for others crows’ feet appear far too soon or too deep. These fine lines next to the eyes can be easily treated with our premium anti-wrinkle injections to help stave off the effects of ageing in sunny Australia. With the eyes being the focal centre of the face, ensuring smooth skin around this area goes a long way to achieving a more youthful looking face.

Sad Smile

If people tend to ask you if you’re sad or upset when your face is in a neutral resting pose, you may have a common ageing problem known as “sad smile” or “marionette lines.” It’s when over time, lines form around the mouth that create a classic sad expression. This can greatly affect people’s perception of you and influence their response to you. But help is easily available in with Medical Injectables’ non-surgical treatment which reduces deep creases around the mouth to create a dramatic reversal of “sad smile.” The result is a very smooth, youthful look of the lower half of the face.

Bunny Lines

“Bunny Lines” is a very cute term for the vertical or diagonal lines that appear on your nose when you crinkle it. They can appear when laughing or scrunching your nose. Like all wrinkles, they increase in depth with time and use, causing visible creases even when you’re not scrunching your nose. But like all wrinkles, their appearance can be reduced or eliminated by Medical Injectables’ anti-wrinkle, non-surgical cosmetic treatments in Wollongong and Orange, NSW.

Under Eye Lines

With the eyes being the focal point of the face, any fine lines or crepe-like look under the eyes can provide the impression of being tired and weary. To regain a vibrant, youthful look, anti-wrinkle injections under the eyes by a trusted, experienced professional will immediately erase years off your age appearance.

Neck Bands

“Neck bands,” also knowns as “neck chords” and “turkey neck” are the vertical folds on the front of the neck that result from a weakening of the platysmal muscles. More common in thin, older women, neck bands are a very noticeable sign of ageing due to the large area they cover. Using high quality, TGA- approved injecatable solutions, Medical Injectables in Orange and Wollongong can drastically reduce the look of neck bands to return you to a younger-looking you.


Lip Fillers

Lip enhancement can be nicely achieved by dermal fillers strategically placed to plump and reshape the lips. This can help with gummy smiles, imbalanced lips, or to create that perfect pout.

Under Eye Fillers

It is very hard to project confidence when you look tired simply because you have perma-bags under your eyes. Dermal fillers help fill in those hollowed under-eye areas to give you a fresh look allowing you to regain that self-confidence in your appearance.

Cheek & Jaw Fillers

It’s a fact of life that the older we get, the more time that gravity has had to take its toll. Other than living in an anti-gravity chamber, your best non-surgical treatment of sagging cheeks and jowls is to treat these areas with lifting dermal fillers. For those looking to achieve a more masculine look, we specialise in masculinisation treatments that create chiselled cheekbones and a strong, wide jaw.

Chin Fillers

That little pocket of under-chin-fat can be a real personal battle that facial yoga just can’t win. Medical Injectables can help sculpt your chin to ensure every angle is your best angle.

For those looking to achieve a more masculine look, we specialise in masculinisation treatments that create a strong square chin and jawline.

Neck Dermal Fillers

A sagging or tired neck can be very distracting particularly when it contrasts sharply with a beautifully made up face. Neck dermal fillers can rejuvenate this large, visible area.

Hand Dermal Fillers

Hands get a lot of wear and tear, including significant sun exposure. Hand dermal fillers target precise points to restore volume and reduce skin creases and folds to create a more youthful looking hand that is smooth to the touch.


Thread Lift

A thread lift is a minimally invasive alternative to a surgical face lift. This technique lifts and tightens the skin, with very little down time, and frequently impressive results.

es, three types of facial thread lifts are available and can be used in combination: Mono Thread Lift, Foxy Eyebrow, Cheek and Jowl.

Fox Eyes

Fox eyes are so named after the recent make up trend of elongating the eyes with a lift at the outer edge. The effect is fox-like, and foxy! Using threadlifts, the foxy eye look can be achieved for a much longer term than a day of make-up. Generally a fox eye thread lift will show immediate results and last 17-36 months.

Cheek & Jowl Lift

Cheek and jowl thread lifts are the quintessential non-surgical facelift case studies. Providing effective tightening and lifting for large portions of the face, cheek and jowl threadlifts are the perfect option before committing to a more expensive and invasive surgical facelift. 

Generally cheek and jowl thread lifts will show immediate results, reaching their peak at 3 months, and lasting 17-36 months, making it an economical and effective choice.

Neck Lift

Like a facelift, but for the neck, neck thread lifts work by placing barbed threads under the skin and physically lifting the tissue up, against gravity. Collagen growth is also stimulated as it is with dermal fillers. This non-surgical neck lift process lifts and tightens the skin, while stimulating collagen growth.

Non Surgical Butt Lift

Using the non-surgical threadlifting technique, we at Medical Injectables in Wollongong and Orange, NSW are able to bring a lift and shape to your heinie. So you can reduce the effect of gravity and achieve a rounder buttock without the need for implants or extensive surgery.

Non Surgical Breast Lift

Using the non-surgical threadlifting technique, we at Medical Injectables in Wollongong and Orange, NSW are able to bring a lift and balance to your breasts. So you can reduce the effect of gravity and achieve a fuller breast without the need for implants or extensive surgery.


PRP Starter Bundle – 3 Sessions

PRP hair loss treatments are non-surgical medical procedures where plasma (rich in growth factors and nutrients) is separated from a sample of your blood and injected into parts of the scalp experiencing hair loss. Noticeable hair growth can take approximately 4 to 6 weeks with full session results taking place after 3 months. As hair grows in cycles, fuller results can take up to three sessions spaced one month apart.


You can prolong the effects of PRP treatments (initial treatment benefits may last 6 to 9 months) before requiring a PRP booster shot to prolong the effects for another 6 to 9 month period.


 Micrografting hair transplantation is the process of transplanting hair follicles from healthy areas of the scalp resistant to DHT (an androgen derived from testosterone that attacks hair follicles) to areas of hair loss.

Oral Medication

Oral medication to counteract hair loss is also available for scripting privately through your doctor at medical Injectables. The medications used by our doctors are private compounds scripts that have proven efficacy with restoring hair.


Jaw Line Slimming

Jawline slimming is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure which involves a reduction of the jaw’s large masseter muscles with a muscle relaxant featuring the neurotoxin botulinum type A, to create a slim and more feminine jawline. It has the added benefit of reducing teeth grinding if patients are also suffering from bruxism.

Chin Sculpting

Fast and effective, chin sculpting injections target the fat deposits under your chin to dissolve fat cells. Once the fat cells under your chin are eliminated, fat can no longer reside there.

Neck Rejuenation

As we age, our skin loses its elasticity and that ultimately leads to those dreaded neck bands and lines and sagging, drooping folds of skin that soon enough turn into double chins and broader jowls.

Our neck rejuvenation treatments include anti-wrinkle injections to treat neck lines, dermal fillers to redefine the jawline and thread lifts to tighten sagging neck tissues and PRP to stimulate cell regeneration.

Calf Slimming

Clients who find their calves too large or over-developed come to us seeking a non-surgical way to make their calves slimmer and more feminine.

Calf slimming is straightforward with our cosmetic injections which work by relaxing and weakening specific areas of the calf muscles.

Hand Rejuvenation

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections are a quick and simple way to rejuvenate hands, restoring the skin’s elasticity and reversing the effects of ageing and sun damage. PRP is a rapid healing treatment where the patient’s own plasma helps restore elasticity and vigour to the skin.

Anti-sweating Treatments

If you’re dealing with excessive sweating of the armpits (clinically known as axillary hyperhidrosis), then you know how embarrassing it can be. Worried about odour, those tell-tale sweat marks under your armpits at work or at play, then you’ve come to the right webpage.

Our anti-sweat injections can also be used to treat excessive sweating of the palms or other areas. Contact us today to discuss your needs.