Face Slimming

Slim your face through cosmetic injectables

Face Slimming

Slim your face through cosmetic injectables


Treatments take less than 10 minutes.

Face Slimming from $568


Results start to show in 5 days, maximal effect at 2 weeks, lasting 3-6 months.

Face Slimming Injections

Create a slimmer looking you by simply slimming down your rounded cheeks.

Here at Medical Injectables, we are very pleased to announce that there are non-surgical treatments available to help you reshape your face without the need for surgery! Our highly trained team of experienced doctors and nurses can help you achieve the look you are after through Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) listed anti-wrinkle injections.

Medical Injectables offer the best cosmetic injectables in Wollongong and Orange, NSW. Contact us to discuss your needs today.

It all starts at the top!

The rest of your body will look slimmer by association when you slim down your face through cosmetic injectables. It may seem counter-intuitive to inject something in, in order to make your face look slimmer, but it works! 

The same molecule that is a naturally occurring bacterial protein (botulinum toxin type A) that is used in our anti-wrinkle treatments can help slim your face. This is possible because botulinum toxin type A actually works by weakening the muscles under the skin. So applying the same cosmetic injectables to slim your face works by reducing muscle tissue and cheek or jaw volume.

Face Slimming Injection Pricing

Face Slimming Injections from $499

Reduce the roundness of your face

Face Slimming + Crows' Feet from $717

Two treatments that often go hand-in-hand are face slimming injections and anti-wrinkle for crows’ feet.

Face Slimming + Fox Eye Thread Lift from $2017

Two treatments that are often complementary are face slimming injections and fox eye threadlifts.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We only use premium, Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) listed anti-wrinkle injectables and included with every procedure is a complimentary results review appointment.

Which Face Slimming Package Should I Select?

Whether you are looking for a subtle adjustment or more dramatic effect to your face shape, the team at Medical Injectables in Wollongong and Orange, NSW can provide the look you are after. Ask Dr. Django Nathan about the various non-surgical face slimming options available at our clinics and, because each person’s face is different, which injectables or combination of injectables would best address your needs.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does facial slimming last?

    The results can last from three to six months, and further treatments can help you maintain a slimmer, distinctly feminine jaw profile.

    Repeat treatments tend to last longer each time.

    How does facial slimming injections work?

    Facial slimming treatments use Anti Wrinkle Injections specifically placed into the masseter muscle (a muscle used for chewing). This reduces the bulk of the muscle overtime, resulting in a slimmer face.

    What are other non-surgical facial slimming treatments?

    Any treatment that has the effect of reducing the bulk of the face or reproportioning other parts of the face to create an even balance of features:

    1. Reducing the bulk of the masseter muscle through botulinum toxin type A injections.

    2. Using dermal fillers to add bulk to chin or other strategic areas to create a better balance of facial features.

    3. Thread lifts on the jawline or neck to reposition and tighten the skin.