Jawline Slimming

Jaw slimming injections for a slimmer, feminine jawline.

Jawline Slimming

Jaw slimming injections for a slimmer, feminine jawline.


Jaw slimming treatments take less than an hour.

Injections from $569 per session.


Results start to show in 5 days, maximal effect at 2 weeks, lasting 3-6 months.

Jawline Slimming Injection Treatments

Jawline slimming is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure which involves a reduction of the jaw’s large masseter muscles with a muscle relaxant featuring the neurotoxin botulinum type A, to create a slim and more feminine jawline. It has the added benefit of reducing teeth grinding if patients are also suffering from bruxism.

Jawline slimming treatments take 2 to 5 days to take effect with full treatment results visible in a few weeks and typically lasting 3-4 months. As jawline slimming effects wear off, touch-up injections are recommended to maintain a slim appearance. After a series of jawline slimming injections at regular intervals, doses can be gradually reduced and the frequency between treatments extended.

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How Do Jaw Slimming Injections Work?

Jaw slimming injections (also known as non-surgical jaw reductions) work by weakening the masseter muscles, the large chewing muscles that are great for masticating food, but also help define a strong jaw.

After the injection of the muscle relaxant which blocks signals from the nerves to the masseter muscles, the muscles will weaken and atrophy, and that square jaw will begin to present a softer, slimmer, more angled appearance.

The jaw slimming treatment typically comes into full effect within 6 weeks. Results will vary depending on how wide the angle of the individual’s jawline is, how severe their bruxism (teeth grinding) is, or how pronounced the fat pad is in their lower jaw.

Jaw Slimming Injections

Jaw Slimming Injections from $569

Create a narrower jaw and treat teeth grinding.

Jaw Slimming + Crows' Feet from $718

Two treatments that often go hand-in-hand are face slimming injections and anti-wrinkle for crows’ feet.

Face Slimming + Fox Eye Threads from $2017

Two treatments that are often complementary are face slimming injections and fox eye threads.

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Through aesthetic dentistry and other rejuvenative treatments, Dr. Lucky provides a holistic approach to facial aesthetics and ageing. Her ability to help her patients feel at ease when discussing their treatment enables a  consultative approach to ensure they achieve their desired outcomes.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Jaw Slimming

    Does jawline slimming effect your smile?

    Generally speaking, no. However, rarely smile asymmetry can be a possible side effect of jaw slimming injections. Typically, the asymmetry will subside rapidly.

    How does jaw slimming work?

    Jaw slimming injections work by weakening the masseter (chewing) muscles in the jaw using a muscle relaxant. The muscle relaxant, which blocks signals from the nerves to the masseter muscle. This controlled weakening causes the jaw to relax slightly, creating a subtle softening in the jawline.

    How long will the effects of jaw slimming last?

    The effects of this treatment usually last 3-6 months. Over time, the injected muscle relaxant will wear off, and as the muscles regain their strength, the jawline will become heavier again. Many clients schedule regular injections to maintain the slimmer appearance of their jaw.

    What is the aftercare following jawline slimming treatments?

    Do Not:

    • Massage the area for 24-48 hours
    • Touch the area as this may increase chances of infection
    • Lie down or put pressure on the area you have been injected for at least the next 4 hours
    • Exercise or participate in any activity that will induce sweating for 24 hours
    • Drink alcohol for 24 hours
    • Apply makeup for 24 hours

    Please Do:

    • Drink lots of water
    • Follow the verbal instructions given to you by your treating medical practitioner
    Does jaw slimming treatment hurt?

    It is an injection, so it’s not painless, but the process is very fast. The procedure only takes 30 seconds or less per side.